A 21st Century Princess

Once upon a time, in a Kingdom not so far away, there lived a pretty girl. Soft, shy, reserved, tender like the velvet green of flora, delicate and smooth. A perfect princess who just leaped into the 21st century.

She had built a castle- beautiful and huge, with the walls so high, that one wouldn’t dare to climb. But, old words read “the women with the highest walls harbour deepest of love” and hence, the same was proved.

Enter her land and she will shower all her love and happiness upon you. She will share some of her most magical tales and she’ll make you a part of her wonderful stories.

Beware, she may hit you on the head too, so as to knock some sense in you. Her appearance may deceive you. Don’t go for her lean, thin and fragile look. She is stronger than you may know.

She is certainly one of her own kind. I know her personally, and thus I am able to write a whole lot about her. I have walked up to a good milestone with her, knowing her responsibilities and challenges. I have been able to climb that high wall, and I may jump in sooner or later, but what I firmly believe now is that she is the 21st century princess for sure.

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