“I’m Glad You Came”

Some of the beautiful moments of our lives just pass by in the blink of an eye…and we keep wondering how pleasant the time was. It has been two days since this monkey (my best friend) is staying with me, and I must say, she’s real talent. A good cook. A stupid head. Both in one package? She cries and wries for no reason. And, I have been listening to her “sorry”s since quite a good time. Why? Because she forgot my birthday. BEST FRIEND AND FORGETTING THE BIRTHDAY- you can imagine clearly the blunder she did there.

But, dear diary, please tell this silly damsel in distress that I’m glad she came all the way to meet me, to stay with me, to teach me something new, to keep me awake and to tell all of her silly stories to me. I’m glad that she’s cooking some good food for me, killing some time with me, moving around for no reason and talking a lot to me. I’m glad that she is making my days comfortable. For a workaholic like me, she has brought some peace, some sunshine and some happiness.

How swiftly these days passed, and only a day more is left for her departure. She’ll move away back again. Miles apart. But, heart strings still attached.

I’m Glad You Came.

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