Strangers, Friends, Best Friends, Strangers: Part 1

I read somewhere- “When life gives you crazy people, make them friends.” And so did I. But the story is somewhat different. It is full of morals and lessons, which emerged from my crooked actions ( But, were they even crooked?)

Once upon a time, in this weird life of mine, I met a person. A giant person. Male. Tall and handsome. Or maybe not-so-handsome because friends never praise each other. He had that spark in his eyes, which was always ready to make fun of you and pull your leg. This meeting had a purpose then; a very meaningful purpose.

Not going deep into whats, hows and whens, I’ll jump to the part where I was employed as a Cupid. That was my first job ever, and yes, without a salary. How naive of me, No?

Eventually, the Cupid yielded some good results between two souls. Him and her. Behind the scenes, I started having some real friendship with him. My Facebook inbox contained millions of messages sent to this one person. Also, 8 years down the line, we didn’t had smartphones, and even though we did, my world was not having any internet social message exchange platform. We texted each other via “100-texts-per-day-pack”, with ultimate accuracy and precision of letter counts and space management, so that not even a single text went as a waste. All those 100 messages per day to a single number, that never changed for years.

The real warmth and little joy from an unplanned and unexpected Friendship.

Little bundle of Joy

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