Heart understands a Heart

My Father, a wise man, says- “Those who have a heart can understand a heart.”  But aisshh, we all possess a heart and none of us understand each other cent percent! Do we?

And, all a heart technically does is the work of transportation and purification. Extreme scientific analogy?

 Here’s something for all of us to think about-

Why don’t we let the heart not only purify our blood, but also purify our thoughts? 

The Little Arnica

Mankind has always been stupid at recognizing the most vital assets.

They say, “You only need the sun when it starts to snow, You only hate the road when you’re missing home, You only feel the need of high, when you’re feeling low, And the most important, you only love her when you let her go.”

These lines are from one of my favorite songs-Let Her Go, by Passenger.

The miseries of life are like this. You feel the importance only when you stumble, hit rock bottom or get a tough smash on the head, or rather say heart? Human nature. Isn’t it weird?

Ladies and gentlemen, pardon. I got a little moved.

I get easily lost in the wanderlust of my own city, that whenever I move out of the house, despite the ultimate target of buying goods, I am intrigued by every single thing around.

Usually, my target is to fetch one or the other daily use commodity. Range is diversifying – from white bread, a tray of eggs, a dosa mix, and a dozen fruits to fetch my brother from his commerce coaching. Amidst this fast paced mechanical life, I do behave aesthetic.

 I may be lost noticing the trembling legs of an old man pulling the cart by his fragile hands, or the enthusiasm in a year old baby- who keeps on shouting oye at any stranger, or the glittering dresses displayed on mannequins in Sarafa Bazaar, or the way the theme road is a hotspot for romantic couples. My city is perhaps one of the most happening cities. The Gwalior City.

I’ll share one such experience.

I was in a bustling street of the main city, again out for buying something which I no more remember. The street was pretty narrow- filled with people walking and some lean vehicles to pass by. Suddenly, an autorickshaw passed by furiously! It was as if the man was driving it in “My Life, My Rules” manner.

He was so involved and emotionally invested in his loud pop music that he forgot he had ridden his gigantic automobile over an innocent tiny pup’s leg. Thinking about it fills me with pain and anger!

 The puppy was crying in agony, moving to and fro the road, confused and baffled where to go, where to hide, where to stop and lay down safely and frightened by the gushing vehicles. But, not even a single person heard its cry or paid attention to it.

 I felt baffled too! I wanted to help, but have been an anxious kid since beginning. I girded up the loins, and finally rose up for help.

I simply held the pup, and caressed him, so that it knows I’m there.

 “I’m there for you. Just here.  Beside.” Yes, it works.

 I’m not sure whether the little animal understood my gesture or not. Human language, be it verbal or body language, has always been confusing. What people preach, they do not practice. What they wish to say, they never say; and what they say, is never understood correctly. There exists a huge gap between humanly actions and words.

Even science has failed to explain such abnormal phenomenon; or rather shall I say normal. What do you think?

It was shivering. The whole body was warm, and maybe, quite scared. I took him with me at home. I’ve got a few veterinary acquaintances luckily, and they were of great help.

Now here I rest my hands down, because I have an exam to give in the next two hours. But, for you guys to think, why don’t you scroll back to the top again, and read the first few lines?


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